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About the SRS Museum

The SRS Museum connects visitors with the legacy of the Savannah River Site, its scientific and historic role in the Cold War. Through exhibits, tours, lectures, public events, and educational programs, SRSM is a place for sharing culture, cultivating curiosity, & engaging in our community.

The SRS Museum strives to be more than just a building but an integral part of this community. We’re a resource that provides learning, connection, and exploration. 

The SRS Museum operates in collaboration with the Aiken County Historical Museum and with the guidance of the Savannah River Site Heritage Foundation, who were provided the building by Aiken County in 2015. Since then, the museum has grown to tell the stories of SRS through innovative exhibits, hands-on activities, and community-engaged events. 

Ribbon cutting for the Grand Opening of the SRS Museum

About the

SRS Heritage Foundation

The SRS Heritage Foundation was chartered in 2005 and organized to interpret and preserve the history of the Savannah River Site. The Foundation's purpose is to assist in the operation and development of the museum, which seeks a broad public, private, and volunteer support base. The Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, which provides an added benefit when seeking financial and other donations due to its tax exempt status. The Foundation is governed by a 12-member Board of Directors. Membership is open to any individual who applies.


About the Dibble Library

The SRS Museum occupies the former Dibble Library building. The Dibble Library was Aiken's first dedicated library building and it was named for Henry M. Dibble, a prominent area resident who contributed greatly to the town. After the library expanded to a new building, the Dibble Library was used by the Aiken County government to house its records.

The SRS Museum has retained the "look" of the original library in a portion of the museum as a tribute to the building's original purpose. 

Image courtesy of the South Carolina State Library.


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