Classroom Tours

Specifically engineered to introduce students to the SRS Museum, these tours include more interactive experiences, highlight Cold War history, nuclear science, and STEM careers

Cold War History Tour

The story of the Savannah River Site is the story of how the Cold War changed Aiken forever. Learn the stories of the displaced communities of Ellenton and Dunbarton, the stories of a sudden shifting culture, and the stories of site workers tasked with keeping the secrets of the Hydrogen bomb under their hard hats.

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Nuclear Science Tour

The museum is the perfect place to explore the possibilities  of nuclear science. The Savannah River Site has helped develop some of the most innovative leaps in human understanding of the atom. This tour explores the scientific missions of the site and invites students to explore the make-up of an atom, the different forms of radiation, & the use of nuclear science in industry, energy, national defense, and space exploration.


Nuclear Careers Tour

Savannah River Site is one of the largest employers in South Carolina. This tour asks students to explore the role of nuclear scientists, technicians, operators, and engineers in the missions of the Savannah River Site. Learn about the skills needed in the nuclear industry and what education is required to gain these skills. Discover the world of nuclear!