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Educator Resources

These resources provide a variety of formats for students and educators to continue exploring the history and science of the Savannah River Plant. Resources listed include books, films, primary documents, and more.

Use them to guide, enhance, and supplement your curriculum.

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Learn More About Nuclear Science



  • What Do Nuclear Scientists Do​?

  • Nuclear Physics: Crash Course​

  • Nuclear Chemistry: Crash Course Chemistry​

  • Nuclear Energy Explained​

  • Types of Nuclear Radiation

  • Careers in Science: Nuclear Science​

  • Nuclear Science Week: Why Choose Nuclear Careers

  • Nuclear Science at Augusta University​

  • How nuclear science and technology delivers real world outcomes, Adi Paterson, TEDxDonauisnel​

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Learn More About Cold War History



  • Survival Under Atomic Attack 

    • Published in 1950 by National Security Resources Board, this booklet taught individuals how best to survive an atomic attack. Free PDF.

  • The Wall by Peter Sis

    • Autobiographical graphic novel about rowing up in the Soviet Bloc during The Cold War, a personal and historical exploration of the era

  • Fallout by Todd Strasser

    • A fictional imagining of what life would have been like for a family surviving inside a bomb shelter after their city had been dropped; fictional but also a useful exploration of the historical tensions and the personal emotions of young people living through the era. Appropriate for middle grade.

  • Duck and Cover

    • Classic video shown to schoolchildren during the 1950s

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