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Past Exhibits

Robot Exhibit 

The special robot exhibit included three historic robots that were used in SRNL development studies during the 1980s and 1990s and the "Jabberwock" Battlebot that was featured on television in 2001 and 2002.

The three historic SRNL robots included Alvin, Simon and Hornet II.  Alvin (Autonomous Laboratory Vehicle with Intelligent Navigation) was purchased in 1986 and upgraded the study robots capable of following a programmable path.  Simon (Semi-Intelligent Mobile Observing Navigator) was purchased in 1989 and modified to become the successor Alvin for contamination monitoring in radiologically controlled areas, thereby reducing radiation exposure to Health Protection Inspectors.  The Mark II Hornet was a rugged tracked vehicle, purchased in the 1980s to perform remote inspection of the contaminated sand filters in the Separations Areas.

The "Jabberwock" robot was built and campaigned by a team of mostly SRS engineers for contests on television.  "Jabberwock" finished in the top 16 of more than 100 fighting robots in 2001 and won three fights in 2002, only to lose in the sweet 16 round.

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