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History Resources

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Savannah River Site (SRS)

This website covers topics related to SRS, including its history, and provides links to many other websites, including those of various government agencies and private companies associated with SRS.


Savannah River Archaeology Research Project

This is a University of South Carolina website for the archeological research on and around the SRS, spanning of time ranging from over ten thousand years prior to the Common Era up until the early 1950s.  The website contains links to several historical reports written on some of the towns that were formerly located on Savannah River Site.


Aiken County Historical Museum

This is the website for a “parent” organizations of the SRS Museum.  The physical museum contains exhibits about SRS and the communities that existed in that area before SRS was established. 


Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness

This is the website of another “parent” organization of the SRS Museum.

South Carolina State Historic Preservation Office

This web page is on the web site of a government agency responsible for stewardship of the South Carolina’s historic resources.  Several downloadable reports dealing with SRS are listed in the Industry-related History section of this web page.  The report titled “Savannah River Site at Fifty” may not be accessible on all browsers at all locations.  


Atomic Heritage Foundation

A huge site that contains (or provides links to) many original documents and other types of source materials (such as oral histories).  Its primary focus is on the Manhattan Project (1941-1946).

Links to the SRS Cold War Historic Preservation Program Thematic Studies

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